Start chatting to start earning more…

ChatrrApp is a free mobile messaging and calling app that rewards users with cash for every call they make. The more calls you make, the more ChatrrCash you earn to purchase mobile data, get gift cards and more right within the app!

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It’s effortless rewards for doing an everyday task.

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ChatrrApp’s pilot launch is coming in late 2023! Get selected to have exclusive early access.

How to Earn Rewards:

1. Make voice or video calls

Pre-register to get ChatrrApp on your phone and make as many calls as you like! Data charges? No worries! The cash you earn can take care of that!

2. Listen to sponsored messages

When you make calls using ChatrrApp, you’ll hear a message while the phone is ringing. Don’t worry, you get to choose the types of messages you hear when you register.

3. Get Rewarded

You earn ChatrrCash for every 8 second sponsored message you listen to. Remember, you can use your earnings to top up your phone, get gift cards or cash out to your E-Wallet

Enjoy free messaging and calling plus earn rewards!

Get selected to have exclusive early access to ChatrrApp.

Why ChatrrApp?


It’s Straightforward

ChatrrApp is simple and easy to use. Get all the features you already know and love with mobile messaging and calling. Share photos and videos, send voice messages, start group chats and earn rewards all at the same time.

It’s Reliable

ChatrrApp delivers voice and video call quality you can depend on. You get nothing less than superior connectivity.

It’s Trustworthy

Chatting is secure and it’s private. Messages are end-to-end encrypted and your messaging data is never shared with sponsors.

It’s Satisfying

You don’t just get rewards; you get to choose how you’ll be rewarded too! Select how you want to use your ChatrrCash, whether it’s taking advantage of in-app offers or cashing out. Remember, it’s your choice!

ChatrrApp’s pilot program launch is coming in late 2023!

Pre-Register now and get $5TTD in your ChatrrApp account once invited to the Pilot Program and setup your account profile and start making calls.
Boost your rewards by referring to a friend! Receive an additional $2TTD in cash rewards once your friend accepts your invitation to the Pilot Program. Every accepted referral means more cash for you!
(program restrictions apply, see FAQ section below for details)

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More than making calls or messaging

Do you know that broadband penetration is still below 50% in Trinidad and Tobago? ChatrrApp will support digital inclusion. Our rewards system will give more homes internet connectivity by giving free access to mobile data, plus fuel economic growth and development for local businesses.

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Connect. Earn. Repeat.

Get selected to have exclusive early access to ChatrrApp.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does ChatrrApp have the same features as WhatsApp?
Yes! ChatrrApp gives all the same features that other mobile messaging and calling apps provide, but also gives cash rewards for chatting. WhatsApp doesn’t do that!
How do I redeem rewards?
It’s easy! Accumulate enough ChatrrCash and you can purchase mobile data, coupons or vouchers and more!
Can I track my ChatrrCash accumulation?
Of course! ChatrrApp allows you to see how much cash you’ve earned and the number of calls you’ve made. Remember, the more you chat, the more you earn!
What are sponsored messages?
They are very short (just 8 seconds) advertisements. You’ll only hear messages when you make a voice or video call. This will occur before the person you’re calling answers. It’s during what’s called the “ring back period” (when you hear the ring tone).
Am I getting rewarded for registering?
That’s right! Early bird registrants will get $5TTD added to their ChatrrApp account when the app is fully launched. Plus refer a friend, and you’ll get an additional $2TTD. These rewards will be added after listening to 90 sponsored messages.
Can I control the types of sponsored messages I receive?
Yes, definitely! When you pre-register for ChatrrApp, you will get the opportunity to select the types of messages you are interested in hearing.